COVID-19 Update
In accordance with the new Philadelphia guidelines, all guests in attendance at the wedding must be fully vaccinated. While this may not be ideal for everyone, it helps ensure we have the safest wedding possible. We hope to see you all there! Love,
Audrey & Brian





Do I have to wear a mask? Won't that ruin pictures?

We will be following and enforcing COVID guidelines. Just like you, we do not know in advance what those guidelines will be on our wedding day.
While masks aren't exactly high fashion - and we know that wearing one isn't always comfortable or ideal - the only thing that would actually ruin our wedding photos is mourning the loss of any of you or your loved ones every time we see those pictures because careless and inconsiderate behavior at our wedding sparked an outbreak.
We will post updates on the website, so please check back as the date approaches!

Will you reschedule the wedding if COVID restrictions are severe?

We are optimistic that event restrictions will relax as our date approaches, but we are also realistic.
If COVID restrictions are severe enough that we can no longer safely host the ceremony and reception as planned, we will scale down the guest list to meet those regulations. Apologies in advance if you are uninvited in such a circumstance! Also, if you need to change your RSVP due to health and/or travel concerns regarding COVID, we completely understand and simply ask that you let us know so we can keep an accurate headcount.
We are all living in tough and strange times and would never want to have hard feelings over this.
Jennifer Wick